Zula - Bullet

Evolve with your weapons. Along with the unique weapon upgrade system, you can also make them your own. Personalize your weapons while gaining success. Fighting combats will gain you materials with which you can upgrade your weapons for a better performance in battle.

To personalize your weapons, you’ll need customization cards. Each card is specific for one weapon; therefore, you need to find the specific card for the weapon you want to customize. Cards are categorized as common, rare, epic and legendary depending on the weapon and customization content.

  • Receive material like chrome, iron and titanium after each combat and use them to upgrade your weapons
  • 5 upgradable levels
  • Each weapon has 5 parts to customize: Pattern, top attachment, bottom attachment, front attachment and accessory
  • Customization cards are required to personalize each weapon part
  • Over 100 weapons and attachments providing you 5,000 different customization combinations
  • Have the most epic and unique weapon arsenal in the world of Zula
Zula - Desert Eagle
Zula - MP9
Zula - AWP
Zula - combat knife
Zula - Bombs