Zula - Player Guide

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    Welcome to the Zula Community!
    Below you will find a guide to get you quickly setup for your first match!

    Aside from this you will also find some additional information below.
    We're glad to have you onboard and can't wait to see you become the new Zula pro.

    Video Guide:

    Tip & Tricks:

    - To switch your weapon preset during a match simply hit the B button after death. This will allow you to switch between your four presets.
    Once you selected the set you wish to play with, it will automatically give you the respective weapons and items after your next respawn.

    - Before starting your match you're able to fully customize your weapon sets and select the prefered one to start with.
    While you can switch weapon sets in a match, you will not be able to add customizations or do weapon upgrades till you return to the Lobby.


    - Very rarely a game room will not start a match after pressing the "Start" button. This issue is already reported to the developers.

    When this issue happens, simply create a new room and it will work as intended.

    If you have further questions, or you are having other troubles, please let the team know and we will recheck them!

    Your Zula Team